"The Barrel Expedition" 500ml

"The Barrel Expedition" 500ml


The Maidenii Barrel Expedition at 45% ABV was our first barrel aged gin and was rested in a Maidenii Sweet Vermouth barrel.  A Maidenii barrel was chosen to complement the bright citrus and juniper notes that are particular to The Sabre.

We distilled The Sabre to a high proof (80%) to extract additional oak and sweet vermouth characteristics from the barrel.  The barrel also imparted a beautiful rose coloured hue to the gin.

The bright top notes of lemon and lime in The Sabre are very pronounced in the Barrel Expedition.  These citrus notes are further accentuated with aromas of Strawberry gum and candied Seville oranges.

The prevalence of river mint and juniper linger on the tongue and give additional texture and weight to the wattle seed in The Sabre.

This is an ideal sipping gin.  Serve neat or on the rocks or with a dash of soda to further open up the flavours of the Barrel Expedition.

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