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Terra Australis

The early sailors relied on the West Winds to reach the remote shores of Australia, where they found a naturally thriving land protecting pure, pristine waters along with incredibly unique flora and fauna. We value this land and proudly source our local ingredients directly from growers. Some of our environmentally sustainable produce include honey, bush tomatoes, Davidson plums, limes, lemons, coriander, sloe berries and sea parsley are just some examples of the environmentally sustainable botanicals we source from local suppliers. 

The Margaret River Spirit

Our spiritual home of Margaret River is recognised worldwide as a place of wild, rugged beauty. From our massive Karrie forests to perfect surf breaks - there’s no place quite like it. Our Margaret River home has built a solid reputation as an Australian food bowl of the highest environmental credentials, exporting award winning wines all over the world. It is also home to a growing stable of breweries and distilleries.

We are proudly one of the first distillers of this region and through hard work, planning and passion have gained national and international acclaim for our gins. Winning numerous awards both nationally and internationally serves as testimony to our focus on filling every bottle with the best possible flavour profile.

Our spirit is evident in everything we do and our spirit is helped shaped by our place. Our brand reflects our place and our values. The wild West Winds are our common companion as they carry the salty mist from the surf to us.


Our place has also helped to shape our back-story. The forefront of this is our Bluebird, always associated with happiness and well being. The bluebird also has
a strong nautical heritage as a symbol of good luck. Sailors often wear a bluebird tattoo on their arm or hand because legend has it that a bluebird will carry a sailors soul to heaven. The image of a drowning sailer with his tattooed arm reaching high out of the water for this blue bird to take his soul to heaven is a powerful one. Another more tangible tale is that master mariners would receive a bluebird mark after completing 5000 nautical miles as a symbol of prowess and achievement.